Torre de Castilnovo - Conil

The beaches of Conil are characterized by a series of details that they all have in common. The quality of the sand, the water, its services and, above all, its beauty.

The coast of Conil has wonderful types of beaches, from intimate coves, to beaches of great extension and amplitude, where you can enjoy its natural state.

There are two different types of beaches:
In the north: Fontanilla, Fuente del Gallo, cala del Aceite (cove of oil) and calas de Roche (coves de Roche), coves and beaches with great cliffs.
In the south: Los Bateles and El Palmar…, an expanse of wide sandy beaches where you can find a lot of dunes and very fine sand.


From the south to the north there are:

Beach of ”El Palmar”

This is considered one of the regions most virgen and natural of the province of cadiz, of the best beaches of Andalucia.
This is a really enormous and precious beach of fine golden sand, 8 kilometers long and with an average width of 80 meters, with very favorable conditions for surfing, bodyboarding and other sports.
The waters are very clean and shallow and for its wonderful benefits, this beach has the Q of Tourist Quality awarded by the Institute of the Spanish Tourist Quality.

Beach of “Castilnovo”

The beach of Castilnovo is the virgen beach of Conil par excellence, with a length of more than 2 kilometers. It unites the villages of Conil and El Palmar.
It is an isolated beach where you can practice nudism. On this beach you can find the tower Almenara of Castilnovo that forms, together with the rest of the characteristics, a very attractive environmental, cultural and landscape mix.

Beach of “Los Bateles”

The “Los Bateles” beach faces the town of Conil, at the mouth of the “Rio Salado” (salty river). It is the most visited one, especially because of its closeness to the town and the easy beach access. It is the beach where most people are used to going to, when they have their accommodation in Conil. Its sand, like all beaches of the area, is fine and golden and the beach of great amplitude and extension. The water is clean and with moderate waves.

Beach of the “Chorillo”

The beach of El Chorrillo is a beach often visited by the people of Conil. It continues maintaining the line of characteristics of the rest of beaches which were already mentioned. Usually the younger people make use of it, because it is located below the cliffs and its accesses are more difficult, because it can only be accessed by stairs, from the village (at the end of the promenade).
The beach of El Chorrillo owes its name to the ‘jets’ (chorros) of water that flow from the cliffs. “Chorrillo” is the diminutive of “chorro”.

Beach of the “La Fontanilla”

The beach of La Fontanilla is, because of the water quality, the sand and the offered services there, one of the best beaches of Conil. It is really extensive and wide, shallow, very little current and not many waves. This is considered a family beach as it is very suitable for bathing the little ones when the tide is low.

Beach of “El Roqueo”

The beach El Roqueo is situated between the beaches La Fontanilla and Fuente del Gallo.
Here are starting the cliffs of Conil and it is often visited by people of the village because you can park your car near and don’t have to walk too far. The water is also shallow but the beach is not as wide and extensive like the other ones.

Beach of “La Fuente del Gallo”

The beach of La Fuente del Gallo is the last one of the beaches of Conil.
It is located under yellowish and rocky cliffs which are running all along the back of the beach creating a spectacular landscape. It is an ideal beach to enjoy the sunset, since it offers a wonderful panoramic landscape, reflecting the golden rays of the sun on the beautiful cliffs, illuminated by the last minutes of sun. It is a beach of great beauty and with family character.

When the east wind (levante) blows…

The beach Fuente del Gallo is one of the most extensive ones of Conil de la Frontera. You can find it in the urbanization Fuente del Gallo. Because it is situated between cliffs it is especially well protected of the east wind Levante.
And the cliffs of Roche: they are situated between the fishing harbour and the urbanization of Roche. There are 6 small coves located in an ambience of high ecological value which are connected with each other when the tide is low.

And when the west wind comes…

The beach Cala del Aceite is the best choice if you want to enjoy a day at the beach when the west wind (Poniente) is blowing. It is located near the fishing harbour of Conil de la Frontera.