The Retinto Route proposes as protagonist the exquisite meat of this breed, autochthonous and with certification of origin" />




An essential appointment with the local gastronomy of Conil.

The Route of the Rentinto reached its fifth edition in 2017, and it was enjoyed from the 1st to the 10th of December. It is a gastronomic event whose star ingredient is retinto meat, certified by the National Association of Breed Breeders of Selective Cattle of the Retinta race. It is a native race and very appreciated for its extraordinary flavor.

The inauguration of this route takes place on December 2 at the Mercado de Abastos, at 1:00 pm, where tapas and drinks are offered, as a sample of the dishes that made up the route, at special prices. The rest of the days, you can taste the exquisite dishes, at the participating premises.

Conil can boast gastronomic events, in which the proposals are also accompanied by other seasonal products of the earth, an authentic marvel to the palate.